babmap help

How to use the babmap

Search for a location (e.g. London) from the homepage or search page. Places with baby changing nearby will be displayed on the map and listed down the left side of the page. Drag the map around or zoom in/out to get different results. Click on any of the results for more info!

How to add a location

You must be a registed user to add a place to babmap. Once registered, head to 'My babmap' and add a location by entering the address details.

How to edit the details of a location

In most cases the easiest way is to click the "report" button on the relevant page and let us know what is wrong. However, if you added the location, log back in to babmap and you'll be able to edit it.

How to rate and review a location

You must be registered and logged in, then every location page will have a rating & review form.